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Superior Rescreening specializes in all types of rescreening aspects. We professionally rescreen pool cages, screen rooms, lanais, screen porches and all other types of screen enclosures. Superior Rescreening is located in Bradenton and serves all of Manatee and Sarasota County.


Superior Rescreening is Florida’s west coast first choice for any Rescreening need.


When you need your pool cage, patio, lanai, screen porch, or any other screen enclosure repaired or replaced, Superior Rescreening is your best choice. Our Staff has over 10 years experience and will always provide each customer with service that second to none.


Serving Florida's west coast with competitive pricing and quality installations.  Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed so you will not be disappointed with our service or our work.


Please contact us by at E-mail or call (941) 720-3781


Please visit the Re-Screening Page to obtain information about Rescreening projects, and the costs associated with them.

Thanks from all of us at Superior Re-Screening!

Something to consider:

If it has been determined that the splitting and tearing of your screen panel is a symptom of a underlying cause is brittle and deteriorating screen. When this condition occurs, the slightest breeze or object touching the enclosure can cause the screen to tear. You have two choices. You can deal with the symptoms and replace the torn panel, or you can treat the cause and re-screen your entire enclosure, eliminating the inconvenience of future disruptive and costly house calls.
Replacing Panels vs. Complete re-screen
When considering the price of a complete rescreen consider the following:

On a 24 ft by 45 ft pool enclosure


Replacement by Panel

Total rescreen

Replace 62 panels

Install door hardware as needed

Install bolts as needed

Caulk enclosure and gutters as needed


Extra cost

Extra cost

Extra cost





Savings  $2,850.00

When you have Superior ReScreening do our "Best" complete rescreen, you will not only have the peace of mind to know that you are protected from Florida's snakes, mosquitoes, flies and other intruders with the best quality screen on the market. You will also have the peace of mind in the event of severe weather knowing that the structural integrity of your enclosure has been restored by our installation of new bolts adjacent to where old ones had rusted out or were missing. New door hardware will be installed including door closer, handle and bug sweep. When we give you our "Best" your enclosure will be almost like new, virtually trouble free, you will no longer have the inconvenience of workers disrupting your peace and quiet while providing costly repairs on an ongoing basis.



Sometimes it is only necessary to repair certain panels on a screen enclosure. Possibly just a few roof panels need the screen repaired on your pool cage. Maybe one of the kids put a baseball through a body panel on the patio enclosure. Another example of partial Rescreening of a screen room might be in the case of hail damage. Many times the damage is only to the roof or top portion of the pool enclosure. Therefore, only the roof of the screen enclosure will need replacement and repair. All of these are examples of times when replacing just panels or partial Rescreening may be in order. This is usually due to physical screen enclosure damage rather than old age or wear. The other screen panels are usually still good in these circumstances. Superior Rescreening specializes in these kinds of screen repairs whether it is on your patio, screen porch, or pool enclosure.

These types of repairs generally consist of one screen repair crew coming to your home to take care of the work. The time to complete fixing the screen will vary depending on the size of the job and how many panels need to be done, but in most circumstances, it takes somewhere between 30 minutes and a few hours. You can expect your screen repair to be fast, clean, and courteous as we do our best to meet any specific needs you may have on your screen enclosure.


Superior Rescreening specializes in rescreen and repair, including the screen repairs necessary to fix screen rooms, screen porches, screen patios, Florida rooms, lanais or any other smaller type of screen enclosure.

These types of screen enclosures are usually attached to the back of a home and covered with some type of solid roof covering including aluminum pans, or structural roof panels.  Sometimes the home itself serves as the roof to the screen room and the screen panels are actually “framed out” of the existing porch area or screen lanai.  The screen any type of porch enclosure will usually see some wear and tear due to sun exposure, water exposure from sprinklers, and general damage from use.  When the screen has reached a point where it is brittle and tears easily, it is usually time to rescreen the entire screen porch.

The Rescreening process on a porch enclosure is similar to the panel replacement.  This is where the crew removes the entire old screen and wraps it up.  Then they install the new screen in the patio enclosure or lanai.  The work is usually performed by on screen crew.  The time to perform the work can vary as the size of a screen room can vary.  Although the time to perform the work on the screen room is usually somewhere between one and four hours,  you can expect a fast, friendly, and cleanly service when you have Superior Rescreening completely rescreen your screen porch enclosure.



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